Crystalsongjewels was formed in late 2014 by current owner, designer, creator and author of this page that you are now taking the time to read (thank you very much, by the way!) Josh Dawes who decided to start creating and selling handmade jewellery after working for his parents doing the same thing.

It all began in November of 2014 with a few simple ideas and very little understanding of the jewellery industry and its' workings. I had been working part time as a self employed gardener at the time which, as you can imagine, is a rather seasonal occupation and is inconsistent at the best of times - especially when you've just started up! It was mainly due to this reason that I decided it was time for a change. Luckily enough, for the previous 5 years or so, my parents had been working their fingers to the bone building a business from the ground up (and doing rather well from it too) so I decided to try my hand at it. I opened up my very first shop on Etsy - Crystalsongjewels.

Through investing little chunks of my own money here and there and occasionally the money of my "humble creators", both in a literal and a business sense (thanks Mum and Dad!) I began to fill my shop with necklaces and earrings made from sterling silver and Swarovski crystals. These were well received by customers at the time due to their elegant yet simplistic style and affordable price. From here the business grew month by month and started offering a wider range of products with more of a focus on items that could be personalised by the customer. For the past two years I have worked tirelessly, scouring the internet for new and unique components that I could fashion into something creative and meaningful, all the time keeping the emphasis on giving the customer as much creative control over their product as possible.

In early 2017 I finally decided after two previous somewhat half hearted attempts that it was time that I had my own website. Selling through third parties has been lucrative enough but it has its' own restrictions too. I tried several different hosts before finally finding one I was happy with and set about building my website. 5 minutes later I realised that web building/design was NOT for me so I left it for a while, thinking I would go back to it when I had cooled down (WHY IS IT SO HARD TO MAKE A TITLE STRETCH ACROSS THE WHOLE PAGE?!). After waiting several months for that cooling down to happen and for my motivation towards the website to start again I decided to take a new approach. I asked for help. Something that I was never accustomed to doing but am now realising more and more is essential when you are building a business. I recruited a friend to do all of the nitty-gritty stuff (thanks Bryonie!) so I could return my focus to where it was always more successfully utilized.

As a result I am now sitting here creating a large block of text attempting to sum up the past 34 months. However, when I look back to that November in the end of 2014 I can honestly say that I never expected to be where I am nearly 3 years later both in a personal sense and a business sense. I can remember times where I was frustrated in both because I didn't seem to be growing quickly enough. These months/years have gone very quickly when I think back to the start and in that time things have indeed grown. It was happening all the time, every day, gradually and it will continue to happen just as gradually, hopefully for many many years to come. I'm incredibly excited to see where I am in another three years and though I have many plans, goals, hopes and even ideas of where that may be the only thing I know for sure is that I really won't know what it is until I'm there.

Lastly to you, the reader of this, whoever you may be; Thank you for your attention, whether you have bought from me in the past, are going to buy from me in the future or simply stopped by to read my nostalgic, sentimental and slightly philosophical ramblings. It is because of people giving their attention to what I do that I am able to do what I do do and do it how I want to do it. So once more... thank you!

-Josh Dawes -
Owner, designer, CEO, creator, aspiring blog author